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If you remember, some time ago, I imagined a conversation between a caller, his heart and his brain. Well somehow the ending left space for a second episode. This being said, like Britney used to sing …I did it again :). You will discover below the follow up of the initial conversation or otherwise to put it: The Sequel – Episode 2. For those who didn’t read the first episode, it’s best that you do it before proceeding to the sequel. It’s not that the first episode will answer many questions but at least will get you familiar with the subject and the way things are said. Enjoy Heart vs Brain – The Sequel

Thank you for calling “Decision Center” this is HEART speaking. How may I be of assistance?
Yes, sir
Fuck you!
Excuse me?!?
Fuck you!!!!
…(silence on the line) I heard you the first time you know
Did you? Good then, here it is again: Fuck you!!! Third time’s a charm.
Is there anything else you would like to share with me?
Yes, put BRAIN on the phone. Let’s have a conference again, the three of us.
May I ask who am I speaking to?
Don’t play stupid with me, you know who I am. Just check your records.
(ashamed) oh…yes, yes. I know…one second…let me put BRAIN on the line (HEART dials BRAIN’s extension, informs him about who the caller is and invites him into the call)
Hi, thanks for inviting me. This should be fun. I brought popcorn.
Aah…a smart-ass! Well…then fuck you too BRAIN!!
What did I do?
You didn’t stand up to your advice and make sure I listened to you, not to HEART!
I tried
Not good enough
OK, let’s just calm down a bit and take it from the beginning, without cursing or using any other bad language.
I’ll try but I can’t make any promises
Thanks! So…I can see you are upset? Can you tell us why?
Not obvious huh? It’s because I followed your advice.
And my world turned upside down.
I’m sad to hear that. But tell me what happened.
Well…remember that I didn’t know what to do and you said that I needed only a confirmation? I took your advice and told the other party involved about how I feel…and what a marvelous idea that was.
I told you so!
Don’t start!
And what happened?
The other party had no idea.
So what’s the issue then?
Wait…that’s not all of it. At the beginning the other party was somehow shocked but things evolved…one thing led to another and suddenly there were two peas in the pod.
Are you sure you used that expression correctly?
Did you understand what I mean?
Then yes, I am sure!
I still don’t see where the problem is. This is what you wanted, right?
It’s what he THOUGHT he wanted!
No, BRAIN. It was what I wanted. But that’s not the issue. The thing is that I didn’t know I’ll want more.
I’m not sure I follow
Of course you don’t. It’s how things get complicated genius. And I said it all the way. But nooo…you kept on going with “you owe it to yourself to try it” and then with “I’ll haunt you if you don’t do it”.
And I would say it again.
Of course…I don’t know why do I even bother. PLEAAAASEEE don’t ask this one anything the next time.
The next time??? Are you crazy??? It’s not going to be a next time.
I still don’t get it. Did you do something you didn’t want to do?
No but…no, no, no, no, no…I won’t play this game.
Do you regret doing it?
Jesus…I thought BRAIN was the one with the tough questions. No…I don’t regret doing it
Then…I rest my case.
Well…it’s not that simple, is it?
It never is.
OK…go on.
Remember there were other providers involved?
Yes…waaaait…don’t tell me you lost your contract…
No…but I was that close
Phew…although…I’m not sure how would have that been my fault. Anyway…go on
The current provider suspected illegal things going around so some penalty fees were added to my contract.
I told you that you can’t expect to do bad things and get away with it
Yes, you did tell him, you’ve told me, you’ve told everybody…would you mind participating quietly in this conversation? At least until your name comes up
Well I won my right to say whatever I want when he chose to follow your advice.
God, it’s happening again. Hey, morons, focus!
Sure…you were saying.
So…penalty fees were added. But as we all know, laws are meant to be broken
If you do the crime be prepared to do the time!
So you broke the law…
Are you deaf? What did I just say?
And…how did that that make you feel?
Like I didn’t
Tricky one. I’m not even sure myself I know what that means.
Oh no! The Mighty BRAIN doesn’t know something! Quick…let’s put it on Facebook, Twitter, in the paper and in the Yellow Pages.
HEART, you’re playing with fire!
No, that would be me! Now shut up and let me say what I have to say. So..
Stop interrupting me! So…it all felt right, in each and every way possible.
Nice…so it was worth it, I was right.
HEY…what did I say a moment ago. SHUT UP. Jesus! In fact, maybe this will put a sock in it…yes, HEART you were right! If that’s what you want to hear!
WHAAAT? Tell me you don’t mean that.
BRAIN, it’s meant for you too…shut up! Good…where was I
…it felt right
Tell me you ain’t doing this on purpose. If you say anything else I swear I’ll lock you down and throw away the key…So…suddenly I became interested in reading the other contract. All the articles in there made sense, everything was clear…it actually didn’t look like a contract but rather like the best piece of poetry out there. And not only that…the feeling was mutual. The provider explicitly told me this and asked for my signature in order to seal the deal. Of course there were discussions and arguments and ups and downs…but again it was all part of the story…and what a story that was! Bottom line is…we were both interested in canceling the current contracts and signing with one another…Funny thing…it was the provider’s turn to have a conversation with its own HEART and BRAIN. And guess what? (silence…no one answers) Are you still there?
You told us not to speak
And now I am telling you that you may.
It seems to me that everything you say only proves me right. And that you should thank me for what you have been experiencing.
You still didn’t answer my question.
What question was that?
Guess what happened?
The suspense is killing me.
What happened?
Provider’s BRAIN did quite a hell of a job and won the argument with the HEART. Unlike my BRAIN
Really now? It’s my fault you have a soft spot for this sucker here? Didn’t I say that everything might turn out bad?
I still don’t get it how is this bad?
It’s because you’re stupid
Remind me again, why did you invite BRAIN in the call?
You’ll find out in a second. Both of you. In the meantime let me answer you HEART why it’s bad…it’s bad because, as I said before, my whole world is upside down now. I can’t even imagine how everything will be from now on. So here comes the question…but be prepared cause it’s a question you’ve never heard before…what should I do?
And you are asking the BOTH of us??? Man are you suicidal?
I am not even sure I am asking anyone. I think I am just talking to myself.
I saw that you like to do that a lot.
You’ll laugh but I find it a perfectly logical question, though logic’s not my strongest point.
Gee…you think?
If you ask me…
But he’s not…at least not yet. And by the way, sure as hell, you will have to make an unbelievably, indisputably, magnificently, perfect point in order for him to at least consider it
He’s kind of right, HEART
Oh boy…music for my ears!
Don’t get too comfy BRAIN. It doesn’t mean that I will take your word for it.
I don’t expect that. But I don’t think it’ll take me a lot to convince you
If you say so…
Back to the point…so…what should I do now?
Well it seems to me there is only one thing to do. Forget the whole thing, step back, relax and get back to the same state of mind and things as before.
Easier said then done
I didn’t say that it’s easy, I said it’s the only thing to do
Of course…if you are a coward, that’s the best way
I don’t recall anyone asking you something…
Let him speak, just for the sake of argument. What other way is it?
Pursue it until you will get what you want. This is the only way to be happy.
Yes…if you’re a masochist maybe.
Well this is not an option.
Why not?
I have been assured that things can’t and won’t change. So basically…staying in this would mean being on both side of the fence.
Tell me you are not even considering it.
I’d be lying if I said I’m not. At least I did…or I think I did
I don’t think I can do it. It’s not fair.
Of course it’s not. And there’s a bigger risk. You will only end up losing everything you have and gaining nothing but pain, suffering and bitterness…oh…the horror…I’ll haunt you every second of your miserable life if this will happen.
Or…and BRAIN, you should know this better…if you put your mind to it there is nothing that you can’t achieve.
Spare us with the bedtime stories, will you. There’s no baby here.
And also…if BRAIN doesn’t know it, you should: never say never.
OK…I’ll play along…what does this mean?
It means that things could change. You never know what happens in the future
But I have a pretty good idea. I had it last time also…but no one listens.
I’m with BRAIN on this one. Besides I would just feel I’m putting my life on hold and there is no way I am doing that
Then I guess there’s nothing to talk about
Again you with your…huh…come again? Did you just said what I think you did?
I guess so
It’s a miracle…you two finally have an agreement. Man…I should have recorded this conversation.
I think it’s something fishy though
You think too much
Focus…So…let me get this straight…what you both say is that I should just call quits and get back to my old self and way of being…did I get it right?
Well…yes…if that’s what you want.
I knew it…you couldn’t just let this slip, HEART, could you? I say we should just lock you in a ball of ice and throw away the key.
You know I always say what I feel, not what it’s right. Besides that, locking something away doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist anymore. There will always be an elephant in the room…you will not see it…but it’s going to be there.
Well aren’t you smarter than a 5th grader?!
BRAIN, stop it. What I want I can’t have so basically this is what I have to want…if you know what I mean.
I know…you’ll not be happy though
I am not happy now
Nor you will ever be if you continue this way
Ever? Really? Do you know that?
I just know it.
Excuse me, I forgot you’re Mister Know It All. OK, then there’s nothing more I can say
Oh…the little baby will not say anything more…what a shame that is.
Stop it BRAIN. Let it be. I think this is the end of our conversation then. There’s really not much that can be said. I basically have only one real option: to wake up from this dream and hope that everything will be OK again.
Great choice! You will not regret it…at least not in the long run.
Congratulations! I wish you all the best.
Thanks guys…thanks for being there…we messed up together we clean up together.
You know how it is: all for one and one for all
…and all for love
The caller hangs up, BRAIN and HEART are disconnected, conversation ends.
And don’t lose hope

Roxette – The Center Of The Heart (Is The Suburb To The Brain)

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